While the notion of performance support is not new, there are only a few successful large-scale implementations that leading organizations can learn from. Pelephone used PS methods and tools for several years; however, an outdated PS tool drained IT resources, and they couldn’t keep up with organizational needs. A thorough needs analysis led to the right PS solution. In addition to acquiring the right tool, they formed the 360-degree approach to maximize employee performance. This session is ideal for those who are about to, or in the process of, evaluating different performance support methodologies and technologies.

Participants in this case-study session will learn about Pelephone’s 360-degree approach, how they formed it, the system’s advantages and disadvantages, and examples. You’ll get a complete overview of the methodology Pelephone developed and implemented with great success to evaluate, select, and deploy PS systems that make a difference. You’ll get a fresh and unique viewpoint on performance support and how it changes according to the employee experience and years on the job. You’ll learn how PS helped cut training days by more than half while maintaining, and even improving, employee performance.