Take a PS Maturity Deep Dive: Learn from the Best of the Best

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Performance Support Symposium 2013 - September 9, 2013

Conrad Gottfredson

Chief Learning Strategist
APPLY Synergies

Bob Mosher

CEO/Chief Learning Evangelist
APPLY Synergies & Co-Founder of the 5 Moments of Need Methodology

Anne Rigby

Director, Training & Performance Solutions
McDonald’s U.S.

No organization should chance ignoring both the failures and successes of others. This is especially true when it comes to developing the culture and capacity to optimize the power of performance support (PS) for an organization. McDonald’s has been on a performance support journey for some time; its Hamburger University offers the highest level of hands-on instruction, as well as virtual and online classes, to more than 80,000 restaurant managers, mid-managers, and owners globally. However, when it came to launching a new back-office restaurant management IT suite, the learning leadership at McDonald’s realized that even with the best training in the world, they needed to mature by complementing their traditional training PS.

 Learn about McDonald’s PS journey, lessons learned, and best practices. Participants will have the opportunity to compare where they are in their performance support journey against McDonald’s and hundreds of other organizations. They will also gain an understanding of some of the common key obstacles organizations face along the way and how best to negate or overcome them. In addition, Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson will share an emerging maturity model that Ontuitive has been using with other successful learning organizations.


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