The US Coast Guard’s motto is Semper Paratus—Always Ready. To keep its personnel always ready to respond to America’s emergencies, the Coast Guard places a strong emphasis on leadership skills across its entire workforce experience spectrum. One leadership training milestone is the Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Academy, a five-week course aimed at the Coast Guard equivalent of a mid-level manager. The CPO Academy implemented the CPO Academy iPad electronic performance support system (iCPO EPSS) to enhance student performance and ultimately contribute to the Coast Guard’s Semper Paratus status. The intervention is a mobile device deployment system consisting of Apple iPads preloaded with configuration profiles that enable private Wi-Fi network access and class email while enforcing device security restrictions, augmented by web pages containing class documents, calendar, and resources.

This session will explain how the iCPO EPSS provides an economical electronic alternative to paper-based instructional materials with considerable cost savings. In addition, it empowers and engages students with efficiency tools; provides real-time portable access to information at the point of need, with up-to-date schedules, instructional materials, documentation, research tools, and surveys; and streamlines class communications between instructors and students and among students. The iCPO EPSS adheres to government security requirements and restrictions while supporting federal and Coast Guard “go green” and innovative technology directives and orders. Finally, the intervention provides a replicable model for other Coast Guard mobile learning initiatives.