Classroom training, self-paced eLearning, and performance support’s core objectives are to increase employee productivity through the delivery of relevant information in the most relevant context. Despite existing performance support system advances, the technology is still far from its full potential to improve employee productivity. The inability of performance support systems to implement the new learning industry standards (AICC, SCORM, Experience API, etc.) only exacerbates the problems created by the inability to track access and, more importantly, manage content on an enterprise scale.

A solution does exist. During this presentation you will hear about the most common and frustrating flaws of today’s performance support systems. You will see a demonstration of Assima’s Automated Business Improvement solution that extends beyond end-user performance support—delivering greater value to your corporation. Learn about a pioneering solution that not only delivers as it promises, but delivers a new paradigm of performance support. Come see how Automated Business Improvement moves beyond online help to measurable business impact to your bottom line.