Performance support does not always come as a product supported by a vendor, but may come as a strategy using existing resources and tools. The Boston University (BU) CampusOne project had all the elements for a robust change-management solution: eLearning on an LMS, instructor-led workshops, and online procedural documentation. However, this material was not always easy to use, nor was it sustainable over the long haul, and its design was around tasks instead of business processes.

Participants in this session will learn how BU sought a solution that put information into a business context and provided it online with a single point of entry. Using custom web development and Articulate Storyline, and leveraging existing uPerform procedural documents, they created an online help system based around process guides. The guides were linked to videos that explained concepts and provided tours of complex user interfaces. They also linked to the pre-existing procedural documents stored on the uPerform server. Thus they created a user-friendly process-based layer in front of the existing work instructions and embedded some light learning videos.