There is a profound change occurring in how we value and use information to get work done—a de-emphasis on the knowledge we have in our heads and an emphasis on connecting with the flows of information that are all around us. In addition to this shift from knowing to knowing how to find, we as individuals are becoming more knowable and discoverable, making it possible for highly personalized content to “find” us. This is supported through enterprise social media, short-format and micro content, and, ultimately, intelligent conversational agents and augmented reality—technologies facilitating a move toward continuous development and performance support, instead of monolithic training events isolated from the job.

In this session you will learn about continuous development environments implemented within the U.S. federal government and the ways they support performance as well as augment typical training interventions. We will introduce the concept of realistic performance activities (RPAs)—short problem-oriented exercises that emphasize a learn-by-doing approach. You will examine the current and near-future state of the technology that is having a fundamental impact on the nature of organizational development, including social, mobile, intelligent conversational agents, and augmented reality.