Many proposed PS solutions continue to stay on drawing boards due to lack of sufficient detailing or an inability to make a persuasive and cost-effective case. There are various intrinsic issues that performance practitioners are seldom aware of, such as analyzing performance problems, determining component costs for the project (design costs, software costs, training costs, etc.), limiting factors, relevant alternatives, and choosing between cost avoidance and ROI. This session offers a structured insight into creating a persuasive business case for performance leaders that can win the desired funding from their finance counterparts.

In this session you will learn a step-wise approach to creating your PS roadmap and business case. You will learn how to distinguish between learning and PS solutions so as to set your roadmap accordingly. You will hear about considerations for payback periods and calculating soft and hard costs for your PS project. You will also address limiting factors such as user resistance, organizational readiness, and cross-discipline cooperation.