In 1989 Gloria Gery published a provocative paper titled “Inadequate Training Is Now Insufficient” that challenged us to rethink our heavy reliance on traditional training methods and instead focus on providing support when and where employees needed it: on the job. Twenty-five years later, we witnessed the irrational exuberance around PS, its quiet decline, and then its subtle resurgence in recent years. In this opening session, we’ll recap the evolution of performance support since its inception, how and why organizations have come to revisit this old discipline, and the exciting possibilities that lay ahead for PS in the not-too-distant future. Using a unique format, this opening session will lay the groundwork for you as you attend the rest of the symposium.

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Matthew Hanzel

Director Regulatory Training, American Express

Rose Lawyer

Learning Development Manager, Huntington National Bank

John Low

Chief Creative Officer, Carney

Frank Nguyen

Learning Executive

Allison Rossett

Principal, Allison Rossett & Associates