B.Y.O.L.® (Bring Your Own Laptop®) sessions ensure that you receive in-depth, hands-on training, and while following along with the instructor step-by-step.

Developing mLearning content is rated as a key objective for many organizations, but little thought has been given to this process beyond “we need it in mobile format.” In this session you will look at two options, position-based training and responsive design training, and identify when and why you would use each of these two approaches. Neither of these approaches is the best solution for all cases, but combined they can provide a comprehensive strategy that can meet all self-paced training needs from compliance training to performance support.

Using Claro, participants will learn how to easily create content using the two different approaches and receive hands-on experience with the creation and taking of content using these two complementary approaches to courseware design and development. Participants will be able to build content using both approaches, test the content with their devices, and obtain firsthand knowledge and experience that they can then apply to their own business needs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Approaches for developing complementary eLearning and mLearning courses
  • Approaches for building responsive training courses that work in eLearning and mLearning environments
  • How to manage your learning development process
  • How to effectively collaborate in your development of eLearning and mLearning content

Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, managers, and directors with basic development skills in authoring eLearning content. Participants should have some experience in developing eLearning courses. Experience in developing mLearning is a plus, but not necessary.

Technology discussed in this session:

BYOL Student Technology needs:
A tablet and smartphone devices for testing. Claro author system requirements: http://feedback.dominknow.com/knowledgebase/articles/4729-claro-browser-and-system-requirements-for-authors