A sales rep’s ability to perform is significantly impacted by the time lapse they experience between training and application. The retraining requirements negatively impact the training department’s budgets and stress resources.

Qstream’s “two questions every two days” knowledge reinforcement program is focused on refreshing and improving the skills sales reps and others develop during initial training. This method of continuous learning over spaced intervals of time has been used successfully in a wide variety of professional and clinical settings, including at Harvard Medical School. It is a proven methodology for maximizing retention of knowledge and skills. Participants will learn how, by spending just two to five minutes a day reminding themselves of the clinical and sales skills that they learned, reps saw their ability to use these skills strengthen and grow, which enabled them to more easily reach their performance goals.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Functionality of Qstream’s knowledge reinforcement program
  • How Qstream’s knowledge reinforcement results compare to those of other types of training delivery
  • How Qstream’s knowledge reinforcement program identified areas where training is inadequate
  • How Qstream’s knowledge reinforcement program identified opportunities for question improvement

Managers and directors who need to determine to how a knowledge reinforcement program like Qstream might fit into their education strategy.

 Technology discussed in this session: