People are learning everywhere. Modern and natural learning happens on mobile devices, in social networks, on the job, and via formal assessments. It happens on numerous systems, from Yammer and SharePoint to SkillSoft and Khan Academy. Organizations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to create this training using old technology standards. As a result, data is stuck in silos and L&D has little to no idea what training is effective or how it impacts business results.

This session will start with a brief non-technical overview of the Experience API. It will showcase real-use cases inside organizations. It will look at how to assess organizational readiness, strategic planning, and practical implementation. Participants will acquire the knowledge needed to improve organizational performance using the Experience API.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to assess organizational readiness for the xAPI
  • How to plan and select the deployment of xAPI-enabled systems
  • How to implement business processes and training governance in an xAPI ecosystem
  • How to analyze and make use of different sources of learning data

No previous knowledge of Experience API is required.

Technology discussed in this session:
Experience API (xAPI) Wax LRS xAPI training applications.