After Fujitsu Network Communications (FNC) spent three months of development work on a technology course intended for instructor-based delivery, the project and product was dropped. The training group was left with a product, but no customer. They knew they had a very good product, but needed to look at other delivery avenues. This presentation lays out how they handled the loss of their only customer by rethinking their business model.

FNC had developed the course content in XML and was able to quickly and successfully produce an ePub version of the course and present it as a study guide. It next developed a companion mobile application to the study guide that is available through iTunes and Google Play. Through the re-use of developed material, it was able to produce training material for completely different audiences too. This presentation demonstrates how there is more than just one way to deliver training material. It also drives home that there are customers for self-paced, less expensive training avenues.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify delivery outputs
  • How to expand your deliverables on the cheap
  • How to produce ePub output using open-source applications
  • How to develop mobile applications with open-source applications

Intermediate developers, managers, and directors with a little background knowledge of single-sourcing content DITA HTML ePubs mobile application types.

Technology discussed in this session:
DITA, XML ePUBs, MOBI Titanium, HTML5, mobile application development, JavaScript, iPhone5, iPhone4, iPad, Nexus 7.