The Trouble with All Those Boxes: Designing for Ecosystems Instead of Screens

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mLearnCon 2013 - June 18, 2013

Steven Hoober

4ourth Mobile

The desktop web has all but ruined the practice of interaction design and information architecture by the assumptions about technology and user attention, and a rigid adherence to page-based design. Mobile is different and is exposing these problems more than any other digital system. We cannot gloss over bad design anymore because it can make or break your whole organization. Many organizations, even if they address the design or user experience head on, are built to work on the desktop Web so they are having trouble really embracing mobile at the tactical level, even if their leaders set goals and objectives to do so.

During this session, participants will discuss the pitfalls and fallacies of designing for mobile and multi-platforms. You’ll learn principles and tactics for building multi-user, multi-platform experiences and you’ll learn by attempting to improve an example project. This will give guidelines for how to meet user goals, needs, and expectations in all your platforms.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize and avoid pitfalls in your project development, UX design, and development practices
  • To design your digital products as universal, extensible services and ecosystems
  • The principles of resilience design, and how to design robust systems that function and satisfy even when mistakes occur
  • How to branch design to address platform-specific features, capabilities, and expectations

Intermediate designers, developers, and project managers, especially those who work with little or no UX-design support.

Technology discussed in this session:
No demonstrations or specific technology, but includes some discussion of key smartphone platforms (Android and iOS especially). Focused on smartphones and tablets.


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