Lets put success opportunities back in focus. Over the past year, our industry has been ecstatic about the Experience API (a.k.a. Tin Can). This new standard provides the industry with radical new freedoms to implement the performance improvement programs senior executives are searching for. But it also brings out our geeky greatness and invigorates our tech talk. This session drops jargon in favor of an actionable business-focused plan to use the Experience API, including example interactivity and delivery.

Participants in this session will discover the three key components to using the Experience API effectively in your organization. You’ll learn how to define training opportunities in simple-to-communicate C-Suite speak by skipping learning objectives and talking about outcomes the organization cares about; specifically, the skills your organization should stockpile to capitalize on future opportunities. You’ll construct a sample training workflow that incorporates tracking and measurement via the Experience API, you’ll review examples of interactions designed especially for the Experience API for each phase of the workflow, and you’ll gain the ability to communicate and share how adoption of the Experience API can increase the effectiveness of performance improvement programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to put the Experience API in the context of C-Suite opportunities
  • How to create a sample learning plan using the Experience API
  • Examples of learning interactions reporting to an LRS
  • Examples of multiple-platform delivery and learner engagement

Novice-to-intermediate executives, managers, and developers of corporate learning. This session assumes no prior knowledge of the Experience API or implementation of multi-platform eLearning delivery.

Technology discussed in this session:
The Experience API, multiple LRS platforms, cloud-based learning interactions, and multiple learner devices.