After decades of enthusiasm about eLearning, scenarios, live eLearning, augmented reality, simulations, and social networks, the most relied upon method for workplace training is … drumroll, please … instructor-led instruction. That’s right. The person in front of the classroom, face to face. No surprise.  What of mobile? Surely something as omnipresent and compelling as mobile devices is shaking the training and development status quo. No, they are not. Many studies have found that while mobile devices are embraced by individuals, the form is not yet a meaningful player in enterprise learning and development. Not yet, but soon.

There are signs and there are possibilities. What contributions do mobile devices make to the enterprise today, and what expansions are on the horizon? Let’s think strategically about the ways that mobile might contribute.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Current penetration of mobile in enterprise learning and performance
  • A strategic view of learning and performance in light of what mobile is and can contribute
  • About current examples of mobile at work in enterprise learning and support
  • To consider where mobile might make a difference in your organization

Intermediate. No prior knowledge necessary.

Technology discussed in this session:
Examples of mobile at work in the enterprise today.