With an average age of 67, credit union board members have long had the reputation of being way behind the technology curve. This has held true for generations, and has driven CUNA’s (Credit Union National Association’s) approach to their training with solid results … that is, until the iPad hit the market. Although directors who had tossed aside laptops, PCs, and cell phones took to the iPad enthusiastically, and wanted access to materials quickly, simply, and 24/7, their expectations about mobile learning and course access were not the same as those of generations X, Y, and the Millenials. On the one hand, they had jumped the curve in terms of using the technology, but on the other hand, how they received the actual content hadn’t changed much. This required some adapting for both learners and the learning department.

Participants in this session will see how CUNA addressed specific audience requirements for accessing training in a mobile format. By creating a combination of “old school” content with cutting-edge delivery CUNA satisfied the users’ needs. You’ll learn how they adapted some courses, delivered eBooks, and used Articulate and Storyline to create lecture-like nuggets so they are now gradually bringing mobile learning to a formerly technology-resistant audience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Suggestions and tips for beginning your mobile learning strategy
  • Evidence that supports mobile design for all generations (not just the young)
  • Workflows for moving traditional face-to-face and print content to mobile
  • How a trade association rapidly reached its members with existing technology
  • How CUNA was customer-focused and nimble while on a limited budget, yet was able to move into mobile training.
  • Resources that can assist you in building a rapid-response mobile deployment

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, project managers, managers, and directors who have a basic understanding of the challenges of proving content across platforms in a diverse technological arena.

Technology discussed in this session:
iPad, Articulate Storyline, and iBooks.