If you are considering incorporating mobile elements into your learning technologies strategy, you may have read a lot about multi- device learning, responsive design, delivery platforms, tablets, smart phones app stores, and much more. However, without the benefit of practical examples and proven experience, it isn’t always easy to envisage how different approaches will work in practice, or decide what will work best for your organization or sector. If you are already starting to deploy mobile learning, find out how other organizations are doing it, and how their approaches compare to yours.

Participants in this session will explore five case studies that give insights into the strategies of organizations from very different sectors that are already enjoying demonstrable success deploying mobile learning. Sectors include retail, mechanics, healthcare, government, and banking. Each organization took a different approach to mobile learning, an approach that was appropriate to the specific needs of their learners. The case studies feature just-in-time learning, games-based learning, multi-device eLearning courses, and on-the-job product training.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Which organizations are already having success with responsive learning design
  • How multi-device learning works in practice
  • How successful organizations are using mobile games for learning
  • How learners are using just-in-time mobile support

Developers, project managers, managers, directors, trainers, HR professionals, and instructional designers. Those with a background in instructional design will learn about the differences when designing for mobile devices.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile learning and performance support apps, tablets, smartphones, native apps, DHTML 5 web apps, and casual games.


Session Video