Just about any technically savvy learning professional can quickly learn how to use Adobe Premier or Final Cut. And they understand immediately what a codec is, and how to prepare video for their IT environment. But hardly anyone asks them about how to make video look not just clear but engaging and able to draw in viewers. This session is for people who are good on the technical side but who need to learn some tricks about how to make their video look professional and engage the viewer.

Session participants will learn the fundamentals of the editorial side of video production, including what makes a good shot, various different shots, and how to cut them together so the video is not boring and has some visual grammar. You will learn the two most important principles of video storytelling and what to do to ensure video doesn’t look amateurish. You will actually shoot some video, and then edit it to have an example of how to make video more interesting and aid learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to make engaging instructional videos
  • How to plan instructional video that reinforces learning
  • Techniques to make your video look more artistic
  • Methods that speed up production

Intermediate learning professionals with a general knowledge of what editing software does and how to use a camera. 

Technology discussed in this session:
Video and mobile.