B.Y.O.L.® (Bring Your Own Laptop®) sessions ensure that you receive in-depth, hands-on training, and while following along with the instructor step-by-step.

Apple encourages developers to use Xcode when developing native iPhone/iPad/iPod touch apps. While there are other tools out there, there are distinct advantages to using Xcode. However, learning Objective C can be time-consuming. Even experienced Java, JavaScript, AIR, and C++ programmers sometimes struggle with the syntax at the start. Not only can the learning curve for Objective C be steep, but the Xcode interface is very unusual. It takes a while to learn how to navigate between nib, header, method, and other file formats within the interface. However, last year Apple introduced two new methods of development that have revolutionized iOS development—Storyboards and ARC.

In this session you’ll learn some neat tricks that will reduce the workload—and you can get Xcode to do some of the complex work up front. There’s a lot of dragging and dropping, and it’s almost like playing a game when you build an app in Xcode. Sounds like fun? It is. By the end of the session you will have built a number of applications and you will have had fun doing it.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to navigate quickly through the different panels in Xcode
  • How to add multiple views to an iOS app within the storyboard
  • How to apply a consistent transition between screens
  • How to create an Outlet of an object
  • How to create an Action of an object
  • How to display multiple images on a screen
  • How to display the date selected by the user from a datePicker object
  • How to link to external web content

Novice and intermediate learning professionals and SMEs who are comfortable with the Mac OS environment. No programming experience is necessary, but participants should not be intimidated with technology.

Technology discussed in this session:
Lion 10, Xcode (4.6 or higher).

BYOL Student Technology Needs:
A Mac running Lion; the latest version of Xcode (4.6 or higher) downloaded and installed on your Mac. (NOTE: It is a 4+GB download, and there won’t be time in the workshop to wait for downloads and installations.)