Session Description:
One of the biggest needs for your project is where to find images. We can all buy a clip-art package, but clip art just doesn’t fit the bill any longer. Learners want images and video they can relate to. It’s easy to use Google Images, but most of those images are copyrighted by the owner.

Participants in this session will learn the basics of copyright and Fair Use laws, with emphasis on how to use the Creative Commons licensing scheme. You’ll learn how to license your own works, as well as where to find images, video, and software to use, both commercially and non-commercially, at no cost to you.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What defines basic copyright
  • The basic rules of Fair Use
  • The differences between the six Creative Commons licenses
  • How to search for and find Creative Commons licensed works—in particular, works available for use in a commercial setting
  • What open-source software is and where can you find it
  • Where you can find other free stuff, such as music, video, and images

Designers and developers of any level—no previous knowledge or experience required.

Technology discussed in this session:
Flickr and other mobile technologies.