Square Peg, Square Hole: Using mLearning for Performance Support

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mLearnCon 2013 - June 18, 2013

Ron Price

Chief Learning Officer
Yukon Learning

Organizations are struggling to figure out how and when to use mLearning. One effective area is performance support. Organizations want to introduce mobile learning into their organizations in a way that can improve individual performance and produce significant business results. Since performance support is all about providing just the right learning at just the right time, deploying learning using mobile technologies breaks the PC chain and opens up new opportunities to meet our learners when and where they need us most.

Participants in this session will get insights into how to use mLearning for performance support. You will learn key principles and unique ways that leading companies are approaching this issue.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How companies “underfund” performance support efforts
  • How mLearning fits nicely into the performance-support gap
  • Unique ways that leading companies are using mobile to support performance
  • Key principles for using mLearning as performance support

Participants should have a general understanding of eLearning, mLearning, and Storyline. 

Technology discussed in this session:
PCs, tablets, smartphones, and Articulate Storyline.


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