The business of learning is about creating measurable business results that cause it to be an investment worth making. Without adequate return on investment, mobile becomes another widget or doodad. But how do you measure the impact of mobile?

This session will include case studies showing how mobile was designed, implemented, and measured to drive a significant ROI and positive business impact. Moreover, the session will also reveal unique benefits that developed from using mobile that helped qualitatively improve the actual work being done in ways that were not anticipated. Participants will learn frameworks for measuring the business impact of mobile deployments. They will benefit from key lessons learned, and they will gain an appreciation for the types of challenges, as well as unexpected benefits, that result from a mobile deployment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • An effective technique to build an ROI model for mobile deployments
  • How to identify possible pitfalls of mobile deployments and mitigate their risk
  • How to develop a measurement strategy for your mobile deployment that will let you see when you have delivered the result you intended
  • A mindset in which you can identify, develop, and capture value from unexpected benefits resulting from your mobile deployment

Intermediate and advanced professionals with a general knowledge of eLearning strategies and techniques and a familiarity with current mobile technologies.

Technology discussed in this session:
iPad, iPhone, Android, Adobe Connect, and audio and video capabilities.