mLearning at BlackBerry: A Global Case Study

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mLearnCon 2013 - June 18, 2013

Robert Gadd

OnPoint Digital

Tammy Gillis

Manager, Global Partner Training

Ashly Knox

Senior Retail Marketing Manager

BlackBerry, Inc. was seeking powerful yet flexible and cost-effective ways to prepare, package, and deliver product training to selling professionals working across their global sales channel replacing traditional eLearning methods to reach a mobile audience using the handsets, tablets, and eBook readers they already had. This strategy helped to better educate and prepare sales professionals on new products and solutions, making training available whenever they needed it using an innovative and highly accessible approach.

Launched in conjunction with the introduction of new BlackBerry 10 wireless handsets, the sellers’ app program is one of the largest mLearning initiatives ever undertaken, supporting sales teams working for more than 150 unique channel partners in more than 80 countries in 18 languages. The BlackBerry sellers’ app program proved to be ambitious in both scope and scale, and there were many technical challenges to be considered and overcome. Learn how the BlackBerry team was able to design the right experience and select the proper mix of learning features, and explore the technical complexities of different screen sizes, input methods, mobile operating environments and communications methods, security, and more.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Gain insight into the complexities of a global mLearning launch spanning devices, content, reporting, language, and support
  • Learn the importance of solid mobile content design and deployment strategy, and how it impacts delivery
  • Understand issues involved in designing simple to use yet market-agnostic interfaces and learning experiences
  • Review the various methods used for onboarding sellers for each channel partner using self-registration websites
  • Learn the importance of centralized control of enterprise setup, content deployment, security, and reporting

The content of this session appeals to a broad audience ranging from the novice level to content authors and experienced developers to managers tasked with defining, developing, deploying, and supporting mobile learning.

Technology discussed in this session:
BlackBerry sellers’ app.


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