Ten Essentials for Successful Mobile Learning Implementation

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mLearnCon 2013 - June 18, 2013

Scott McCormick

Emergent Enterprise

Many learning professionals are now faced with developing and implementing mobile learning within their organization—or they have already attempted their first effort and it did not meet expectations. They have been charged, usually by executive management, to successfully deliver mLearning into the field. Faced with this directive, they may not know where to start, or, after a failed attempt, they may now have more questions than answers from their initial efforts.

Participants in this session will see real-world strategies and implementation of mobile learning. You will be able to see and discuss the many challenges and opportunities that arise when undertaking an mLearning project. You’ll learn ten mLearning essentials that will allow you to become better equipped to anticipate and face the host of obstacles that will undoubtedly arise from the key challenges in your organization

In this session, you will learn:

  • The essential tasks for implementing effective mobile learning
  • The six “P’s” of mobile learning: platform, procurement, provisioning, publishing, policy, and procedure
  • The importance of an mLearning business case
  • Basic instructional and interactive mobile-learning design tenets
  • How to measure mobile learning effectiveness

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, and project managers and other learning professionals faced with the task of leading or advising the implementation of their company’s mobile learning strategy, development, and delivery.

Technology discussed in this session:
Android, iOS, and Blackberry.


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