Three recent innovations in technology-enabled instruction and learning are fundamentally changing the way that knowledge and skills are built and transferred: the maturity of cloud-based computing models, the rapid proliferation of cheap and powerful mobile computing devices, and advances in natural user interface that are providing educators and instructional designers with cost-effective and powerful ways to engage learners at massive scale. These are joined by a business (i.e., profit) imperative—harnessing learning to create deep bi-directional relationships with customers, prospects, and employees. Add to this a social (i.e., good) imperative—assisting countries struggling to develop modern workforces due to the growing gap between the skills of unemployed workers and the skills needed to perform the jobs of today and tomorrow. There is real urgency around the need to make an impact and to innovate for learning. Christopher Pirie will walk through case studies and practical examples, demonstrate some technologies, and explain how you can, and why you must, get engaged in defining the next generation of learning applications and programs for profit and/or for good.

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