You are waiting in the office of a potential client and you want to brush up on their company goals and strategy. Would you frantically hunt through your briefcase to find the pamphlet, or would you rather pull out your trusty smartphone and run a quick search to immediately have the specific content you needed? With the technology now available, you can store your content in the cloud and access it whether you’re in the field, at the office, or waiting to do your next sales pitch. Successful mobile learning is all about personalization and having the relevant content, specific to you and your needs, when you want it; true personalization of your content requires the cloud. The cloud allows you to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly, without the traditional large, upfront investments in new infrastructure, software, or personnel.

This session will explore what this means for you and your organization and how to personalize an entire workforce. You’ll find out how the learning industry can take advantage of the cloud, and how crucial it is that those implementing know how to best leverage the cloud and apps for training.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the cloud in training
  • How to leverage the apps learners are already using
  • The basics of a cloud strategy and how to develop one for your organization
  • How to personalize learning content delivery

Novice-to-advanced professionals.