In 2011, Darla Fisher attended her first Learning Solutions conference. She was recently hired to develop online curriculum for law enforcement officers; legislative action opened the door for online compliance training, so the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center team had to quickly learn how to do curriculum development and create online training. The conference left Darla with many questions, but also a new network of professionals to call upon. She shares stories from her first year—the struggles, the challenges, and the celebrations. This session will focus on foundational issues of eLearning.

Participants in this case-study session will learn one team’s solutions to building an eLearning course, hear lessons learned, and discover practices that they can apply to online development projects. You’ll see the process of storyboarding and how spending more time at the beginning will save development time in the long run.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of keeping the project simple and focused
  • How storyboarding can be valuable for the team
  • The basics of online curriculum development
  • What we wish we knew before we started
  • How to understand the jargon used in curriculum development (SME, ID, CD, LMS, etc.)
  • How to find answers to questions like “What are the copyright laws of using videos?” and “Are the laws different in online training than they are in face-to-face training?”

Novice designer and developers who are new to online curriculum development. No particular knowledge or skills are required.