After a major shift from a hierarchical structure to a flat corporate structure, Rho needed to change the way leaders and peers gave and received feedback. After company-wide training, changes occurred only slowly until the creation of a mobile-support application, which overcame cultural resistance to change.

In this time of near-constant organizational change, learning and performance professionals must have an innovative, adaptable method for delivering and reinforcing culture change. Session participants will get ideas on how a mobile app can overcome resistance to change, especially when there are many geographically dispersed employees.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to analyze obstacles to culture change
  • When a performance support app make sense
  • How to communicate and deploy a performance support app
  • How to monitor the impact of a performance support app on culture-change goals

Novice-to-advanced professionals. A general knowledge of performance support methods is helpful, but not necessary.