Most authoring tool vendors are updating products to HTML5 standards, since modern platforms will no longer support Flash and eLearning developed using Flash and other add-on based technologies will soon be obsolete. Developers and designers need to learn to use the new versions, and, sometimes, the new tools. In this time of changes you might consider a different approach to development, one using several tools. Instead of using an authoring tool to build eLearning, use a standards-based approach to create a mash-up-like module consisting of several components, SCOs, learning units, or simply widgets that consolidate your content.

Participants in this case-study session will learn about mobile learning development for the IDEXX Laboratories sales team. By taking a best of breed approach when selecting of tools, and integrating the content on a standards-based framework, IDEXX delivered compelling eLearning material. You will learn a workflow for building eLearning content using various existing authoring tools, how to integrate those tools using standards, how to publish an eLearning module without using a specific authoring tool, and how to use best practices and standards when it comes to creating an eLearning material series.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the best authoring tool for the specific task
  • How to establish a workflow to create independent blocks of content and publish them using existing tools
  • How to integrate independently created content without depending on a specific authoring tool
  • How to assure consistency when developing an eLearning material series

Intermediate developers, project managers, and managers.