Does your learning program still contain timely and contemporary information? Are you finding usage of your learning program at an all-time low? Rather than maxing out your training budget on new learning activities with high-dollar bells and whistles, consider driving traffic to it by putting a new spin on your learning program.

In this case-study session, you will learn how an international company developed and implemented an internal certification program as the carrot on the stick for increasing learner interest, satisfaction, and participation. This certification program, in place since 2004, has experienced record completion numbers and substantially reduced turnover within the organization. Session participants will learn who should be involved in the development of an internal certification program, the layout and design of the program, and the award and recognition options.

 In this session, you will learn:

  • How to target groups for certification learning tracks
  • How to select high-involvement teams for program design
  • How to lay out and design certification learning tracks
  • How to create program-completion rules and requirements
  • How to create recognition and completion awards
  • How to motivate learners for the next level
  • How to market your program session

Novice-to-advanced project managers, managers, and directors with general knowledge of eLearning content and technologies, including LMSs, and general experience in training program layout and design.