Social learning is the latest trend in training, yet it has been around since the dawn of recorded history. The Aerospace Corporation has used a variety of techniques to exploit enterprise social media to extend learning into the workplace. This radical change in approach to instructional design not only brings learning, mentoring, and performance coaching to the workplace at the time of need, it also leads to shorter design cycles, more flexible delivery options, and increased effectiveness due to extended engagement over time.

Participants in this session will learn what it takes to plan and execute formal learning programs integrating social media in a workplace setting. You will also get insight into the type of collaborative and social activities that work well in asynchronous, extended interaction between students from the workplace. You’ll see several case studies which used these techniques successfully in workplace learning programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What instructional design approaches work when integrating social media into formal learning programs
  • How to leverage social media to decrease classroom time while retaining effectiveness
  • The benefits of extending engagement time between students and facilitators through social media
  • The benefits of increased flexibility through use of social media for formal learning programs

Novice-to-advanced professionals with a basic understanding of managing or performing instructional design and an awareness of adult learning theories.