You’ve purchased the tools and have trained your staff, and perhaps you’ve even created and successfully published a few eLearning modules. But now comes the hard part: how do you scale up this process to make effective eLearning pervasive throughout your entire organization? That would be hundreds of modules to design, create, publish, and maintain. How many Articulate licenses would you need? Who would develop the content and how? And most importantly, how do you ensure consistent quality?

Participants in this session will learn about a proven, large-scale eLearning development process designed at Oracle University, an organization with over 50 instructional designers and subject matter experts, who have to distribute new content monthly to thousands of learners. You will explore a template-driven approach to help enforce quality standards and to share best practices.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About several challenges that can limit the scalability of eLearning
  • How to identify different eLearning roles and skills
  • How to implement a collaborative eLearning development process
  • How to create and share reusable templates for tools like Articulate
  • How to use team software to share procedures and templates

Novice professionals. A fundamental understanding of Articulate would be beneficial.