We create eLearning within two main categories: timeline-based and segmented. Most eLearning is created as segmented development; courses are often developed using Flash or PowerPoint along with some add-on or other, while timeline-based development might throw other software into the mix. What are the differences in the development process? Do you have to plan course development differently when doing timeline vs. segmented development? Do you need to use different software for this kind of development? How do you create a plan for timeline vs. segmented development?

Participants in this session will compare the differences in the development processes used when creating timeline and segmented eLearning. You’ll see how to approach timeline-based development with open eyes and attitudes in the development process. You’ll learn the differentiation between timeline and segmented eLearning development by seeing examples of each and the workflow differences between each type of development. You’ll also explore the best software types used for timeline and segmented development.

In this session, you will learn:
  • Why timeline and segmented development are different
  • Why you need to understand the differences between developing these kinds of eLearning.
  • The process differences between timeline and segmented eLearning
  • The different tools you need to create successful timeline and segmented eLearning
  • How to plan for timeline and segmented development
  • How managers and designers need to manage the expectations of timeline versus segmented eLearning
Intermediate and advanced professionals with an understanding of both eLearning design and development and how ADDIE or SAM might come into play when designing a course.