A conversion from Flash to iPad or multi-platform delivery tools (PC, iPad, mobile phones, and tablets) is a daunting task. Those tasked to participate must learn about the technical issues, browser differences, application development, testing tools, user interface designs, common experience acceptance, and LMS integration, to name just a few of the issues. The list of needs becomes even more daunting due to the rapid changes in the industry. Keeping up to date within this field is never-ending.

Session participants will get a condensed learning plan of what to do and not do during a conversion or development project. It will be the equivalent of a year’s accumulation of knowledge and experience—all within 60 minutes. Better yet, it will reduce the number of headaches and sleepless nights you will experience in your own conversions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to define and scope a Flash-to-HTML5 conversion or development project
  • How to avoid critical mistakes and look like an expert
  • How to ask the critical questions and acquire the best answers
  • How to test and implement a multi-platform training program

Designers, project managers, and managers with experience in the design or management of eLearning projects. No prior technical knowledge or experience is required.


Session Video