Flipped learning—courseware and recorded content serving as the initial element of a learning experience, with live virtual sessions and social and collaborative tools supplementing and enhancing the learning experience—has the potential to increase learning effectiveness, lower operational costs, and get better retention and more effective application of the learning. The model has created tremendous buzz in the education community, but is it viable for business learning?

Citrix believes that effective use of the flipped learning model fits very nicely into the daily business routine, and can transform business learning, improve learning outcomes, and reduce operational costs. Participants in this session will examine the flipped classroom model, learn how to build one, and hear case studies of businesses that are now delivering in this new model.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The value of the flipped learning model in business learning
  • Applications of the flipped learning model
  • Guidelines for the effective use of flipped learning
  • Examples of tools that support the flipped learning model

Novice-to-advanced professionals. A general knowledge of virtual meeting and virtual classroom tool capabilities is helpful, as well as is some exposure to social collaboration tools.