There is a lot of excitement about “performance support,” but not a lot of information about what other people are using. What should you do once you’re ready to start on your performance support initiative? What technologies are appropriate for your needs? Which products are likely to add value in your organization and for your users? How do you cut through the marketing messages and find out what’s out there that works?

Session participants will examine several types of performance support tools and technologies deployed in real-life settings to help guide you through the steps to pick one that is right for you. You’ll learn the questions to ask potential vendors and the questions you should prepare to answer for your own organization. You’ll explore how to decide which vendor’s approach is most likely to help you achieve your goals—or what to consider if you plan to build your own performance support system.

In this session, you will learn:
  • The importance of identifying your needs, and whether external performance support is the best solution to assist those needs
  • Available performance support categories and tools
  • How to determine which solution type is the best for your needs
  • The questions you must ask when interviewing vendors
  • The steps needed to properly demo to ensure the solution is the right fit for your needs
Novice and intermediate project coordinators and mangers, managers, and directors who have a basic understanding of what performance support is.