In 2010, Aristocrat Technologies embarked on a journey to migrate from its antiquated, homegrown LMS to a robust, hosted LMS. It’s faced the issues that come with any SaaS product: two mergers, server migrations, monthly upgrades, and integration with an internal site that gets upgraded … in addition to the standard LMS implementation and administration decisions that must be made on how to serve customers.

Participants in this session will learn what it is like to live with a SaaS LMS as it goes through multiple mergers in two years. You’ll discover the best practices for using the LMS to deliver compliance and required annual training, as well as new hire orientation, professional development, and new product training. You’ll also learn their plans for the LMS, how the company is setting itself up to become a revenue center, and the use of the LMS for performance support.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the administration of a SaaS LMS
  • How best practices can be applied to your organization
  • How to build an LMS to meet needs of internal and external learners and a global audience
  • How to use learning plans to deliver required training
  • About LMS features that did not work and why
  • About metrics used to select the LMS and ones used now to measure success

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, managers, and directors who are familiar with LMS functionality.