Flying bullets were the height of fashion … in 1997. And yet still they persist in some corporate learning, both in the classroom and online. So why is this much-maligned presentation technique still so popular? Perhaps it’s because training designers and developers aren’t quite sure what else to do, since many training designers and developers don’t have a background in graphic or information design.

This session presents participants with a case study of how an American Red Cross Disaster Services course moved from slides and slides of bullets to useful, engaging instructional animations. You’ll look at before-and-after slides that illustrate the transformation from text bullets to instructional animations. But more importantly, you’ll learn about some of the specific design techniques used in that transformation—techniques you can use yourself, even if you aren’t a graphic artist. Come see this DemoFest 2012 award-winning course!

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the research says about using text, graphics, and animations
  • How to analyze text-based content and determine the best visual approach
  • When and how to apply instructional animations
  • Common design pitfalls to avoid

Novice-to-advanced designers and developers.