Traditionally, training and development people are outside the main operations of businesses unless there is a specific need to fulfill, such as getting a sales force up to speed on a new product. eLearning has further separated those that work in this field from their organizations by building separate toolsets and technologies that are inconsistent with the technologies that exist for marketing and technical documentation. eLearning professionals need to better align their work with the heartbeat of their organizations or continue a descent into irrelevancy.

Session participants will discover what we can learn from innovation outside eLearning and what learning could look like in just a few years. If we adopt the technologies that facilitate content on demand, and plug into the technology that is driving businesses today, eLearning professionals will be perfectly situated to become involved with the performance of individuals. You’ll walk away with concrete evidence that can indeed automate context-laden, personalized, and customized content through computers, and you’ll learn how to do it.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What’s broken with existing tools and technologies for delivering instructional content
  • How web technologies outside eLearning are servicing the media’s need to deliver content on demand
  • The role of analytics in a content-on-demand world
  • How content architecture facilitates context for machines
  • How existing web technologies work together in a content-on-demand world
  • How you can use existing technologies to service learning on demand

Intermediate and advanced professionals who are familiar with industry-standard best practices for design and development.

Session Video