Most organizations have one thing in common: people despise their annual review processes. Too often reviews focus on ratings and past activities rather than on learning and future opportunities, and the performance reviews rarely tie into organizational goals. At best, it is a perfunctory exercise.

ACDI/VOCA created an online performance system, AchieVe, chosen as a finalist for innovation at the 2012 HR Leadership Awards. Participants will learn how to define performance areas relevant to their organization, how to replace ratings with meaningful statements that link performance to company objectives, and how to build the system online so that it can become part of their organizations’ routines.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to define performance areas relevant across your organization
  • Why ratings are unhelpful in driving learning
  • How to create a review form that provides meaningful feedback
  • How to link performance reviews to organizational goals
  • How to facilitate this process online

Novice professionals who are involved in implementing or facilitating the performance review process.