Integritas, a provider of healthcare services to seniors, needed to increase performance and reduce costs to continue to provide the best care possible. Typically, individual healthcare organizations do not have the money, time, technology, or capability to create cutting-edge training programs.

Participants in this session will focus on the development of a technology platform, coupled with game-based learning scenarios, that significantly reduces the time a healthcare worker spends in training while increasing engagement and retention. You’ll learn about far-reaching and visionary tools for senior populations and those who support those populations through InnovateLTC’s experience center for research. You’ll get a comprehensive look at the problem of training individuals within the context of eldercare environments and the data used to create systems of learning.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to create a data stream that flows into a training system
  • The need to think strategically rather than reactively when facing major problems
  • A place to start when in a tumultuous environment
  • How to move beyond course, lesson, and topic training
  • How to leverage the mandate of compliance training to create powerful learning
Intermediate professionals. This session will most benefit those who must make decisions on strategic-level training initiatives.