Neil Lasher’s involvement with the 2012 Olympics started two years before the games, when he was part of small team training 1,500 interviewers; along with them he helped to interview 100,000 volunteers. The next stage was to work with a specialized group of 25 trainers who delivered leadership training to 12,000 team leaders. Finally he took a contract for the three months up to the games as a field-of-play group leader to oversee the logistics of modern pentathlon competition. Neil both delivered and attended many different training courses for the staff responsible for the event operations, working from inside an organization instead of his normal role of delivering as a consultant from the outside. What he saw and learned has changed his outlook to training forever.

Neil helped coordinate, plan, and lead teams for this event, and in this session he shares his takeaways with participants. This session will be an eye opener to the issues of working in large-scale delivery. Participants will explore methods of delivering consistent training and how cutting corners does not create best value. This session will challenge participants’ thinking—just as the experience challenged Neil’s thinking.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The difficulties of conducting 100,000 interviews
  • The challenges of delivering training to groups of up to 250 at a time
  • Tips on how to deliver to larger groups
  • Identification of problem areas
  • A case study of 20 courses attended
  • Five ways to change your training outlook

Novice-to-advanced professionals who are open to new ideas.