The hurried pace of work and the rapid adoption of mobile devices underscore the value of emerging “nugget” formats for learning and support. Nuggets are bite-sized packets of new or repackaged media, tightly focused for efficient cultivation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The challenge is to develop a systematic approach—to weave learning nuggets into an overall learning and development strategy—so you can allocate the proper mind share and resources to them as a legitimate part of a total solution.

Participants in this session will learn how nuggets fit into the pattern of instant, frequent use of mobile devices that has become ingrained in our culture. You’ll learn how nuggets tap the cognitive advantages of spaced learning and how they can help return information to its performance context. You’ll also learn principles for selecting and developing nugget content, see sample nuggets in various formats, and leave with strategies for integrating nuggets into a coherent learning plan so they can become more than a paste-on gimmick.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify need drivers for mobile nuggets, both organizational and individual
  • How to select new and existing content for mobile nuggets
  • The range of available “push” and “pull” delivery systems for mobile nuggets
  • The pros and cons of various content formats

Novice-to-advanced professionals. Knowledge of instructional design principles, mobile devices, and courseware formats is helpful, but not a prerequisite.