The importance of workplace learning is increasing, and knowing how it contributes to organizational strategy is critical for it to deliver real value. Strategy is one of the most poorly understood management areas and little strategic planning occurs in learning; most of it consisting of little more than issuing goals and assigning projects and tasks. However, real strategic planning should begin with the establishment of a theoretical foundation for how to connect learning initiatives and solutions to the organization’s next goal on the road to its visionary future. It should create a cause-and-effect plan for how to achieve that theory’s execution.

Participants will team up to work through a case study of a fictitious company. The teams will complete the learning and growth component of a “balanced scorecard,” ensuring their learning strategy completely aligns with the company’s existing scorecard metrics and established strategic objectives. The teams must help the company develop its learning strategy and metrics in conjunction with the organizational strategy presented to them in the corporate scorecard.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build a strategy map, starting with top-level goals
  • How to craft the essential values, skills, competencies, technologies, and capacities without which the strategy will fail
  • How to create metrics that will populate a balanced scorecard, allowing for measurement of the strategy’s execution
  • How to map tangible linkages from learning expectations to business objectives

Intermediate and advanced project managers, managers, directors, and CLOs with a fundamental understanding of the ADDIE model and a basic comprehension of business and strategic concepts.