Global Learning and Development Trends and Impacts

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2013 - March 13, 2013

Karen Kocher

Global General Manager, Talent & Learning Experiences and Workforce/Workplace of the Future

The world is aging, individuals prefer not to move, employees want to work from anywhere and everywhere, people view a job with a company as an assignment, and experience vs. a career and networks as being more important than hierarchy. This is the world, workplace, and workforce before us. Are you, your company, and its leaders and employees ready? Learning and development strategies, plans, and practices must proactively position leaders and employees to successfully perform within very different contexts from the past. In this session, participants will discover the realities of learning and development trends, talk through the needs and possibilities, and begin to appreciate the impacts we are having vs. those we can and should have in the future.


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