Despite the fact that research clearly indicates that we primarily learn informally and socially, most of our training and L&D departments continue to focus on formal classroom learning. Research tells us that we can have better and more efficient learning using informal and social methods. In this interactive session, Ben Betts and Patti Shank, authors of two of The eLearning Guild’s recent Research Reports, will discuss their findings, including how you can apply them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What social and informal learning are
  • How social and informal learning benefit learners and organizations
  • Why and when learners prefer them to formal learning
  • The risks involved with these methods
  • How to support social and informal learning
  • What NOT to do

This session is for anyone who is responsible for making decisions about learning strategies in their organization, particularly those interested in learning how to make social and informal learning work for their organization. The session will benefit anyone at any level.