In a world of ever-growing data, being able to center on the information that provides the greatest value, and ignore the noise is critical. It's also extremely difficult. That's where curators come in, to help audiences focus on the value, and to strip out the noise. However, even if someone understands conceptually what curation is, being able to curate - especially in a digital environment for the purposes of enhancing learning - is something else entirely.

This session will explore many of the different online tools being used for curation. You'll learn what value the tools provide (because, while they are all labeled curation tools, they have different focuses) as well as how they work. Participants will see actual examples of these tools in use and the value they provide in a learning context.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To more clearly understanding curation and its definition
  • How curation can help individuals and organizations focus on the most relevant and critical information to meet their needs
  • An appreciation of the online tools available to enable and assist in curation today
  • Which specific tools are most helpful for which types of information and learning environments

Novice-to-intermediate designers, developers, project managers, and managers who are familiar with the basic concepts of curation. Little prerequisite knowledge is required.