Many organizations see mobile learning as something new, something difficult, something expensive! Where do they start? How much will it cost? Is there an audience for this? These, and many other questions are often reasons to put off looking at mobile learning in greater depth.

Participants in this session will use elements of the JISC Mobile InfoKit to facilitate conversations around just how new mobile learning is. You'll realize that in all likelihood your organization has already started its mobile journey. You'll participate in an interactive exercise designed to help your organization get its foot in the door with mobile learning by exploring your organization, its learners, their challenges, and what (often free) mobile technologies already exist to help meet your needs. You'll get ideas for quick wins to help you on your way and you'll be able to go straight back to your organization and start implementing some solutions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • That you have probably already started your mobile learning journey
  • Five areas for quick wins within your organization
  • How other organizations have gotten their foot in the door with mobile learning
  • How to get "under the radar" in implementing mobile learning within your organization

Novice and intermediate professionals. Other than a vague understanding of the fact that mobile devices allow you to place native content upon them and access it when required, there is no prerequisite knowledge or skill.