In these modern times, a lot of eLearning courses instruct - but along the way, many developers have forgotten about the design part. People develop courses. They convert information. But they forget about the design part, delivering lackluster programs that fail to connect with the intended audience or deliver on the desired goals.

Participants in this session will explore design and design methodologies, and whether a methodology is even necessary. You will learn processes to follow that make work more design-centered. You will ponder what better eLearning design might look like, and what design elements we need to consider when designing eLearning courses and objectives. Whether you call yourself an eLearning developer or a designer, it's always good to connect back with your design roots - to reexamine what you do, and get inspired to do it better or differently.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Key design methodologies used in both eLearning and outside of the eLearning field
  • Elements of design that apply to eLearning to make for more human-centered eLearning objects
  • How to identify new design approaches you just might want to try

Novice and intermediate designers and developers. This session is suited to junior-level designers and those started out, as well as more seasoned practitioners looking for ideas and inspiration.


Session Video