In response to employee survey feedback indicating employees wanted additional training offerings, Moen deployed a SkillSoft eLearning platform to all employees globally as a way to revitalize internal training resources. Although the initial marketing campaign and launch included strong CEO sponsorship and endorsement, only six percent of registered users used the tool in the first three months. To drive increased usage, the organization and employee development team built a strategic plan that achieved 30 percent adoption, a SkillSoft best-practice target.

Participants in this case-study session who are planning a large-scale eLearning launch, struggling to increase employee usage of existing eLearning resources, or want to benchmark best practices with other companies will get concrete tactics proven to increase eLearning usage. You'll learn methods for determining the metrics for measuring usage of a wide range of learning assets, and get multiple ideas for building your own eLearning usage acceleration plans.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Methods for designing and executing a comprehensive eLearning communication and marketing adoption plan
  • How to create an eLearning adoption scorecard that measures usage of multiple eLearning assets
  • Tactics for mapping development competencies to eLearning resources to make building development plans more effective
  • Ways to launch a targeted suite of leadership eLearning resources across the company

Intermediate project managers, managers, and directors who understand how companies deploy eLearning resources across broad audiences and who are familiar with the metrics used to measure eLearning adoption.